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Live Sporting Bets in the Times of Ban

Online betting is legal in Australia and played by hundreds and thousands of Australians. However, there is a significant restriction applied on waging bets online, i.e., you can’t place in-play or live bets.

A federal legislation with the name Interactive Gambling Act (IGA), introduced in 2001, has made the promotion and offering of interactive gambling by Australian gambling companies a punishable offence. A ban on interactive gambling offered by the country’s bookmakers mean one can’t get amused and thrilled by live sports betting on Australian gambling platforms.

However, there is a loophole in this gambling act, which enables live betting enthusiasts to place wager on real time sports action. According to IGA, only bookmakers and betting companies are responsible to comply with the provision of ban on interactive gambling. Any individual punter can still place online bets on live games without getting prosecuted under IGA.

Offshore betting companies: Avenues for live betting

Since IGA is only effective for betting companies operating from within the country’s territory. Therefore, international betting establishments are free to offer, advertise and promote live betting to the Australian consumers. Punters who want to remain involved in a sports game throughout its course can place their bets with international agencies.

Nevertheless, there is a risk in placing live bets because these gambling activities are not regulated by the federal government (because IGA is not valid in this case). So, in case of any discrepancy and non-payment, you can’t knock on the doors of Australian Gambling Commission.

However, some international betting agencies have started to keep their Australian operations in compliance with IGA. Therefore, they don’t offer live betting online, a punter has to call if he wants to get indulged in interactive betting.

What’s alternative of live betting?

If you are not comfortable in placing bets in an environment that is not regulated by any federal entity, then pre-game betting is a good substitute for people who have interest in placing wagers on sports. There is a perception that live betting is easier to pull off because one is more aware of the situation as the game progresses and therefore can change his betting calls accordingly.

However, the reality is quite contrary to that. Many experts have shared that for new and young punters live betting can become a nightmare. Moreover, bookmakers have a bigger profit margin with live betting. For live betting, bookmakers get four percent more profit as compared to pre-game betting.

A delay in accepting the wager is also one of the annoying factors of live betting. You can miss out on a good money making deal when your wager is rejected due to a systematic delay in which odds have already been changed (odds change instantaneously in live betting). If you want to place pre-game wagers or get involved in any other betting activity, then there are number of high quality betting platforms available and compliant with Australian gambling laws. It is still recommended that you do your research into betting agencies, especially the smaller ones like Bluebet by checking out third party review sites like to get an impartial view.

Nevertheless, it’s shortcoming on the government’s part to ban interactive gambling in such a messed-up way which affects Australian gambling agencies and forces punters to have live in-play bets in an unregulated environment.