Clip in Hair Extensions Can Add Length or Volume Without Damaging Natural Hair

Adding weave is the perfect solution for thin hair. It also gives women the opportunity to try out different styles when their natural hair isn’t long enough for them yet. In fact, some women like having short hair. However, from time to time, they wear a weave to change their appearance for a special occasion or just to do something different with their hair. Since there’s no stigma to wearing weaved in hair or even clip in hair extensions, there’s no reason women shouldn’t give them a try.

There are several different weaving techniques and the right one for each woman depends on the look they’re trying to achieve and the condition of their natural hair. Bonding or gluing in the weave can cause hair loss and is definitely not the right choice for women who are already struggling with thinning hair. Sewing the weave in is a much safer technique. This involves putting the natural hair in cornrows and sewing the weave into the braids. While the natural hair is braided, it gets a chance to recover from any chemical treatments that might have been done before the weave.

Weaves must be maintained in order to last as long as possible. A high-quality weave can be costly. Women who choose to use weave or extensions to add length or fullness to their hair can extend the life of the weave by moisturizing the scalp daily, washing the hair weekly and visiting the stylist at least once a month to refresh the weave. High-quality weave can last quite a while if it’s maintained properly.

It’s essential to use an experienced stylist that comes highly recommended by current and former clients. When it isn’t done properly, adding hair can lead to hair loss. To avoid these problems, women should choose a stylist that won’t glue in their weave and won’t pull their natural hair too tight when they sew in their weave. This is a great way for a woman to change her appearance and won’t damage the natural hair as long as it is done by an experienced weave professional.