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LOL Moments in Football

There are some football moments when things have fallen out of order in a team and hence making the team hit the headlines. One would be glad to review some of these fun moment especially those that make headlines for their bad reasons. Instead of remembering these moments as bad moments, one can easily remember these moments as football LOL moments. Even when some issues referred to as football LOL moments may not be as laughable as they seem, one would look at them in future and laugh, after all, one can look at them as past sheer calamities. Due to the fact that some of these escapades cannot be changed, it has always been modest to laugh them off and hence categorize them as football LOL moments.

Once in a while, a club will have that one guy who will always make the club hit the football LOL moments. Some players have been consistently on the list demanding an intervention. While the managers work very hard to make sure the guy shuns the LOL list, the footballer in question just keep on hitting the list. Once in a while, the only option the club has it to bear with hitting the headlines for wrong reasons.

There are also these players who get into a fight with anyone who by any chance tries to rough them. As a result, these players have made it to the football LOL moments where they have taken gross measures. While other players may have felt that there are so many spectators and hence see no need to react, these players have turned a blind eye on everything and first made news. One would also need to know that some football LOL moments have hit the list after large fines have been incurred by the players in question or by the club. To some fans, defeat has not been taken so kindly. Some fans have hit the football LOL moments having to go behind bars for a team they support.

Some managers have also been part and puzzle of having the team hit the football LOL moments headlines. Among the weird moments include a manager who tried to sign a player already in the team. It is an outright football LOL moment for a manager to fail to know that one of his or her players is actually a player in his team. It is definitely a football LOL moment to the people and embarrassing moment to the team. Even when some of these managers or players move from the team, there is always a mixed feeling some feeling it is the end of awkward moments and hence the end of football LOL moments.

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